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Week 5

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Week 5 (02/09/10): (Moderator: Jennifer)



  • Using and Creating Online Materials




Assignment 1: Watch this first part of a pronunciation on YouTube. (This is one of my earlier videos. It was made in November 2007.)


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Answer the following questions. Post your answers on our Yahoo Group.  Please use the subject heading "Week 5 (Your Name)".

a. What can beginning teachers or teachers in training learn from my presentation? (Think not just in terms of content, but about presentation skills, so-called teacher talk, etc.)

b. How exactly can the video supplement a pronunciation lesson you are teaching? 



Assignment 2:

a. Explore the quizzes/ exercises I offer at EnglishCafe. It is free to join this online community, but membership is required to view and create quizzes.

b. This first sample is a quiz on the pronunciation patterns of phrasal verbs. It accompanies a video I posted on YouTube on the same topic (Lesson 19). 

c. This second sample is part of a lesson I made exclusively for the EnglishCafe community, and the topic is spelling patterns in English.

d. Choose a video from my YouTube collection and create your own follow-up exercise using the quiz builder on EnglishCafe. (Click here to view a tutorial on

   how to use the quiz builder.) Be sure to state in the quiz description that it supplements one of my videos and then provide the link to that video. Note: Videos made after May

   2009 are already accompanied by a text summary and follow-up quiz on EnglishCafe. If you choose one of these more recent videos, take the time to view the existing quiz on

   EnglishCafe so that your own quiz does not duplicate mine but rather supplements it.

e. Once your quiz is published on EnglishCafe, share your link via the posting on our Yahoo Group.  (I will collect and post all links on the Participants' Page here on our wiki.)



Assignment 3: Answer the following questions. Please post your answers on our Yahoo Group. Again, please use the subject heading "Week 5 (Your Name)".

a. What online resources do you use to answer tricky grammar questions? (Explore the student resource Ask & Answer on EnglishCafe and teacher resource Student Stumpers on my blog.)

b. What online resources do you use to find additional exercises and activities? (Explore categories on my blog.)

c. Can classroom teachers easily adapt to teaching through video? (Explore my series How to Make EFL Instrucitonal Videos.)


Moderator: Jennifer Lebedev


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