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Week 3

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Week 3 (01/25/10): (Moderator: Ryan Detwiler)


Exploring some features on ESLvideo.com


There are several websites that provide free access to a quiz builder. An example of one is www.proprofs.com.


ESLvideo.com is another such website -- teachers can create video based quizzes, send them to their students, and view their student's results.


This week we'll see how you can use the eslvideo.com quiz builder to create quizzes based videos from YouTube, Google Video, Blip.tv, or other video hosting website.


We'll also see how you can use the site to send quizzes to your students, and how your students can send you their quiz results.


Please scroll down to view these 3 short tutorials. They are also posted here: http://www.eslvideo.com/eslvideo_how_to.php.


Please also see the Week 3 "tasks" and assignments. Thank you!

See you on the Yahoo Group,

Ryan Detwiler


How to create a quiz with the eslvideo.com quiz builder: 

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How students can send you their quiz results (Creating a "Teacher Code")

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How to send quizzes to your students (Join a Class)

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Week 3 Tasks:


Task 1) Please take these quizzes below and send your quiz results to:

Teacher Code = EVOteacher

Class ID = EVOclass





Task 2) Log into eslvideo.com to view how your results were orgainized. I've created an account for EVO, so please log in with:

Email = evovideo2010@yahoo.com

password = EVOvideo (Note the password is case sensitive.)


Task 3) Now let's see how the "Join a class" form works to collect student contact info:

Click on the Join a Class button and fill out the form with:

Teacher Code = EVOteacher

Class ID = EVOclass

(Note: If you prefer, you can enter a false email address. This "Class" containing your email address will be deleted at the end of the EVO Workshop)


Once you've completed the Join a Class form, log in with the EVO login info provided above and go to My Account / Classes to see how your info was organized.


Week 3 Assignments:


Assignment 1) Create a quiz and edit it as needed ~ Please share your quiz with our Yahoo Group.


Assignment 2) How could you use this website with your students?


Assignment 3) What improvements to the website can be made to make it easier to use?




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