wrapup meeting instructions


EVO Video 2010 Wrap-up Online Meeting



Please join us for a real-time conversation about our experience attending this year’s session.



Friday/Saturday February 26/27, 2010

UTC Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 02:00:00 am



Please RSVP at http://www.pingg.com/rsvp/yzkapva2vgkzg4qjj



TO PARTICIPATE - you will need the following:


1.         A fast Internet connection - DSL or cable modem, no dial up. Also, a Wireless (Wi-Fi) connection may not give you optimal experience. 

2.         Speakers and/or headphones to hear the presenter. 

3.         A microphone or a Web cam.



 To insure optimal participation experience, also do the following:


BEFORE the workshop, please test your computer at the following Web site:




DURING the test, you will receive confirmation that your system is ready, or you will be asked to download the "Adobe Connect Add-in." It is free, and only takes a few moments to install.  If you are having problems with any of the 4 steps in the test, please see note 1 below.


Click here to join the online workshop (the URL is http://connect.otan.us/evovideo2010) and select the option for guest. Please enter your first and last name and click “Enter.” The presenter receives notice and will add you to the meeting once it begins.


TO HEAR the presenter you will need speakers or headphones connected to your computer. Be sure your volume is on and up before the workshop begins. If you have a microphone, it is possible to speak directly to the instructor if they enable this feature. If you’d like to use the microphone and talk to the presenter and fellow participants, see note 2 below.


If for some reason you lose your Internet connection or get bumped off the workshop site, simply go back to the web site and log in again.


If you are new to online meetings and using this online interface, check out this brief online video on "Attend your first meeting in Adobe Connect Pro" using this link:




1. You must have ‘administrator’ rights to install software on your computer. If you are attending from a computer at the school or office, you may need to work with your IT folks to make sure the connection is open, and the Adobe plug-in is installed. It has been recommended to treat your IT folks to cookies in order to get this done.



2. If you’d like to use the microphone and talk to the presenter and fellow participants, it is recommended that you use headphones instead of the speakers, because there may be an echo effect between the speakers and the microphone.