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Welcome message

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Saved by Mike Marzio
on January 9, 2010 at 7:36:49 am


Hi team ,

Hopefully Mike or Ryan can drop in here a welcome message from the previous years and then we can all edit and add to it as we see fit.


Let's shoot for Saturday, 01/09 to have the message complete.


Who will send it out? 


Cora would be happy to send it out if no one else plans to do so.

Here is the first draft Cora just wrote, please edit to improve it:


I like the simplicity of Cora's Welcome message as compared to the examples below (Just my preference). Unless I am mistaken, nothing essential is missing. Tiny detail: near the end of the message, should that be "content" or "contents". I'm not sure now.  Cora, if nobody has anything to add or change, could you send this out today?


Dear Participants, (or Dear All)


WELCOME to the Video 2010 session!


We are excited that you all are joining us. We have a wonderful session planned and look forward to sharing with you the video resources that can enhance teaching and learning.


Here is the session syllabus with weekly assignments:



Please note that we have scheduled exciting guest speakers to share their innovative ideas and projects for using video in language instruction. The synchronous chats/presentations are on Monday, January 11th and Thursday the 14th held at EFL Bridges. Jeff Lebow of EFL Bridges leads a discussion with Jennifer Lebedev, Dave Sconda, Sarah Lilburn, and Mike Marzio about the contents they provide. For details of these synchronous chats/presentations please visit http://evovideo2010.pbworks.com/Week-1


We look forward to a productive session with lots of sharing and learning!


Ryan Detwiler, Mike Marzio, Branka Marceta, Jennifer Lebedev, Cora Chen






Sample Beginning Welcome Message


Hello to our new and experienced moderators. Welcome to the EVO 2010 Moderator

Training session. Our training wiki, which is still being reviewed, can be found

at: http://evo-training.pbwiki.com You will find here, the training objectives,

the week-by-week content and activities for this session. Please, click on the

"SideBar" tab on the right, to navigate to the different pages.

Before we start, please look at the pre-training page at

http://evo-training.pbworks.com/Pre-trainingor those of you who are


an EVO session for the first time, it would be helpful to know more about EVO by

reading this brief article,

http://evo-training.pbworks.com/How-EVO-Differsyou will be asked to join the

EVO Mods Yahoo! Group where all the asynchronous discussions would take place.

To help us serve you better, please take the Needs Assessment survey at


All of you have been appointed a mentor (a member of the coordinating team) and

he/she will help/guide you in making sure that your own session runs smoothly-

from the beginning of this training up until your session ends in February 2010.

For Week 1, you will be asked to introduce yourselves. You will post your

introductions at the EVO Mods Yahoo! Group, evo_moderators@yahoogroups.com you

will then copy this introduction to our moderators' wiki at



You will have to join the wiki by clicking the ‘request access’ button.

Once accepted, you will be given access as ‘writers’.


Since you will be getting many links, we would like to suggest to open an

account in Del.icio.us < http://del.icio.us.com > This is a social bookmark that

you will have available from any computer connected to the Internet as opposed

to "My Favorites" which is only available

from your own computer.

Please check this video which is very informative if you are new to it:


You will be receiving tons of messages, and before you know it you're swamped

with things to do and feeling hopeless in trying to catch up with the

discussions or activities lined up for you. We've added an interesting read

written by Bronwyn Stuckey titled, Lost or left behind in online


rses/ We hope that you'd be able to use some of the strategies in catching up

with online courses.

To help all of us identify who's who, please always add the name of the session

you're moderating in all the messages you'll be posting to the EVO mods training


That's it for now and we look forward to learning with you all :-)



Sample Beginning of the Week Message


Dear all,

Can you believe we are already moving into Week 4 of the EVO Training?

Thanks Laine and Susan for moderating Week 3 and everyone for their

participation! JoAnn Miller, Jane Petring and I (Moira Hunter) are the

moderators for Week 4 which promises to be a busy and interesting week.

You will find all the activities for this week on this page:

<http://evo-training .pbworks. com/Week4>

<http://evo-training .pbworks. com/Week4% 20>

<http://evo-training .pbworks. com/Week4>

http://evo-training .pbworks. com/Week4

<http://evo-training .pbworks. com/Week4% 20>

During this week, you are asked to :

1. Visit at least two other EVO YGs or sites (

<../../../links/ Links_for_ EVO_2010_ 001248822268/ >

<http://tech. groups.yahoo. com/group/ EVO_Moderators/ links/Links_ for_EVO_2\

010_001248822268/> listed here

<../../../links/ Links_for_ EVO_2010_ 001248822268/ > or at Your Sessions

2010 <http://mods- profiles. pbworks.com/ Your-Sessions- 2010> ) and write

up a short critique/analysis of one or more of these future sessions and

send it in an e-mail to our EVO Moderators group

<http://tech. groups.yahoo. com/group/ EVO_Moderators/ ?yguid=244813469> .

2. Respond in our EVO Moderators group to comments from other Moderators

about your session's outline. Also share your thoughts on how your

session has progressed so far.

3. Experiment with some of the advanced features of YG (Polls, Calendar,

and Database) or in your chosen venue, as these can be especially useful

in keeping your group going strong. Be sure to share any questions or

concerns with your mentor(s). Other venues have similar or different

features, so be sure to try them out.

If you are using a venue other than YGs (e.g., Moodle, Google Groups),

please be sure to put an invitation in our Mods YG e-list so that other

moderators are invited to join.

Make sure your mentor has moderator privileges in your venue.

4. Join us for Chat #2 We will have access to a fully featured web

conferencing platform this week at the Webheads' Virtual Office in

LearningTimes using Elluminate. See the wiki for log in details.

Please remember to complete the poll if you have not already done so.

The dates and times will be announced shortly.

<http://evo-training .pbworks. com/Week4>


* How is your session going?

* Using advanced features? How and why?

* How might you use text and/or voice chat with your group, and why?

If you have questions about the activities for this week, do not

hesitate to post them to this list.

Looking forward to a productive week together :-)

Moira Hunter, JoAnn Miller and Jane Petring

Moira Hunter

EVO Coordination Team

Mentor : My Video Classroom

<http://uk.mc235. mail.yahoo. com/mc/welcome? .gx=1&.tm= 1257719849& .rand=2f\


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