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Participants' Projects

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Weekly assignments: 

This is where moderators will compile participants' assignments from each week. 


Week 5 (with Jennifer Lebedev)


Tips to remember when creating your own online quizzes:

1. Try composing quiz items offline using a word processor. This will allow you to use a spell check and possibly a grammar check. When you are done composing, you can copy and paste your content into the appropriate fields when you go online.

2. Be consistent in format. If you create a fill-in-the-blank, decide on either an ellipsis (...) or blank line ( ______________ ).

3. Be consistent with your instructions. Use the same wording for the same exercise format.

4. Preview your quiz before publishing it.


Sharing Links and Files


Sharing useful Web sites

We created one central place to share links and notes about them.To do so please:

  1. Go to the Database section of our Yahoo Group
  2. Click on Video Web Sites to Share, or follow this direct link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EVOvideo2010/database?method=reportRows&tbl=1&sortBy=1
  3. Click on add record (in the top right corner).
  4. If you have Web based activities developed around the videos, please include them in the notes section.


Sharing worksheets

Some of you wanted to share electronic files you created for the particular videos you use. To do so please:  


  1. Go to the Files section of our Yahoo Group,
  2. Click on the folder titled – Sharing worksheets and activit(ies) or follow the direct link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EVOvideo2010/files/Sharing%20Worksheets%20and%20Activit/
  3. Create a new folder with your name
  4. Upload your files by clicking on Add File
  5. Under options (the first screen that will show up), select Notification, Send a Message to the Group Announcing This File







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