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Week 2

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Week 2 (01/18/10): (Moderator: Mike)


  • Real English



Synchronous Chat/Presentation

  • On Jan. 18th, at 4 pm GMT  (global times) , Mike will make a short presentation of Real English in Adobe Connect. The beginning of one lesson will be used as an example showing how Real English exercises and videos work together. Important: Precise information concerning Adobe Connect and be found here. Please come if you can. This is the introduction to week 2. This presentation will feature the first few exercises of a Real English lesson. The presentation is designed to show how pictures, text, video and "teacher audio" are used to make spontaneous speech understandable, and how students learn while discovering the difference betweeen controlled and natural speech.



Assignment 1

Do two or more of these lessons, as if you were a student.

The 2 lessons are to be chosen from the lesson core: http://www.real-english.com/new-lessons.asp

i.e., choose one lesson between 1 and 20 and another one from 24 to 80, or simply choose lessons at a level corresponding to your students' levels.


Do 2 or more of these lessons:


1 - Hi


3 Alphabet & Spelling,



6-Introducing People,

7-Astrological Sign,

8a-Cardinal Numbers,

8b-Ordinal Numbers,

8c-How old...?,


8e-Phone numbers (at least 3 parts of lesson 8 count as one lesson),

10-The Jones Family,

11-Are you married?,


14-The British,

15-Can ,

16-The French,


17-The Italians,

20-Going to a place,

21 - Intro to Do and Does,

22-Continental Airlines,

23- Got/Have got/Have,

24-What do you do?,

29-Like to do-I,

30-Like to do-II,

31-How long...?,

32-Where do you live? (Flash Exercises by Birgit Ferran),

37-What are you doing?,

38-What are you wearing?,

43-Intro to Did,


55-Women (Conditionals),

80-How to learn a Second Language,

and the very recent Walk Score Lessons.


For those of you who want to experience very well-designed Dictation Exercises by our colleague Glenys Hanson, which include some of my own favorite videos, you can include one lesson from this list:


Lessons 9-Time,

12-What's the Weather like?,

19-Giving Directions,

34-Intro to doing,

40-Intro to Going to do,

48-Intro to Present Perfect,

52-Present Perfect II,

and 53-Present Perfect III.


Again, begin here at the lesson core: http://www.real-english.com/new-lessons.asp  

Choose a lesson, watch the video without subtitles, and then click on Exercise 1. Follow the instructions.



Assignment 2

After having gone through 2 lessons or more, write a short essay explaining how you would you use a Real English video and lesson with your students.

Evaluate the lessons in relation to your own needs. What works, or would work for you in your classroom? What does not work for you?


Also, write about practical concerns, for example, 

- Do you have a classroom projector hooked up to your computer? This allows you go through the lesson with your students in class and perhaps assign the unfinished exercises as homework, assuming your students have internet access at home. 

- If you do not project to a classroom screen, can you share your own online computer with student(s), for very small groups or one-on-one courses? 

- Would you make up your own exercises for the videos? If Yes: in all cases, or only if you had the time?


Please post your essay in the body of your message on our Yahoo Group. Click on "Post" to begin a new message or "reply" to reply to a colleague. Please use the subject heading "Week 2 (Your Name)" to help keep things organized. The Yahoo Group is surely the best tool to facilitate discussion between participants. 



Assignment 3

  • Discussion on our Yahoo Group: Why emphasize the importance of realia? Isn't the wide range of accents confusing for beginners? What about the fast delivery of speech? Why make everything more difficult for beginners and intermediate students? What's the point? Don't students need slow, controlled examples of speech in order to learn?




A Japanese EFL group called English Star interviewed me. I was surprised to be on the other side of the camera. I'm not very good in this clip, but it does serve as a personal introduction:

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